Cosplay Welcome!

DSC_9880If you are new to Comic Cons and cosplay, you might not know what to expect. Here is the most basic information on what cosplay is:

Cosplay (コスプレ kosupure), a contraction of the words costume play, is a performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture and a broader use of the term “cosplay” applies to any costumed roleplaying in venues apart from the stage.

Byron Township Recreation Cosplayer Guidelines:

We are emphasizing our Comic Con as a family friendly event. As such, we request those participating in cosplay to respect that. Mostly, we ask you to not wear any costume that is too revealing. We do reserve the right to ask attendees to leave if they are negatively disrupting the event.

If your costume has weapons as accessories, we ask that you only bring plastic, foam, or otherwise obviously fake props. Anyone with an accessory that is dangerous will be asked to bring the items back to the car.

We really just want this to be a safe and fun event for everyone involved. We love cosplay and really encourage you to dress up and get the most out of this event.

Byron Township Recreation Attendee Guidelines:

If you wish to photograph or pose with a cosplayer, please ask their permission before doing so. Please be respectful of them, their space, and of their costume.

If an attendee makes a cosplayer uncomfortable or upset, the attendee may be asked to leave. If the situation arises, we request anyone experiencing or witnessing the situation to report it to a volunteer or member of staff immediately. The reverse is also true, if we find a cosplayer intentionally making attendees uncomfortable.

Also check out our “What to Expect” post to learn more about attending our Comic Con.


We will have a cosplay contest for ages 15 and under. It is free to enter, just show up near our stage area by 3pm!